The Tehran-based Al Alam International News Channel has been launched on February 2003 simultaneous with the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, broadcasting in Arabic language with the slogan of speed, accuracy and precision.

Initially, the following objectives were defined for the 24-hour news channel.

A.     Swift and transparent information-dissemination about regional and global events as well as political developments.

B.     To examine the historic roots of problems Muslims are faced with and discuss possible ways to resolve them.

C.     To reconcile under the banner of common cultural identity, ideals and interests of regional nations.

D.     To adopt an active media policy vis-à-vis west’s one-sided news imperialism.

The process of preparing and broadcasting news in Al Alam News Network is based on the world’s state-of-the-art news systems. The most important criterion of the news channel could be its vast output of produced and processed news items, as compared to the volume of its facilities and human resources.

The news network is equipped with the most modern hardware and software equipment, by which the process of news reporting in all phases including preparation, production, procession, editing and ultimately broadcast is done through computerized systems without using papers and tapes.

The news channel enjoys a modern and all-digital News Room, have 50 correspondents in more than 40 different places of the world and four official bureaus in (Tehran, Beirut, Baghdad and Damascus) with several other unofficial bureaus all around the world.

These facilities and human resources empower Al Alam News Channel to prepare, translate, process, edit and broadcast news to all around the world during the shortest possible time.

Al Alam broadcasts important international events in 36 sections including brief and extensive news programs as well as reports and analysis.

Al Alam News Channel tries its best to cover all effective issues of the Islamic world in its news and analytic programs, however some issues might need an especial coverage due to their importance. These issues include developments in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Africa and the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Al Alam News Website has been launched in November 2004 to promote information-dissemination process, develop coverage and facilitate access of Arab and non-Arab audience to alternative voices.

Al Alam website provides the latest and most important global new events to various audience in Arabic, Persian and English languages.

Users can watch the channel’s programs and latest news items on its website.

Al Alam International News Channel’s most important interviews and produced programs will be translated and published on the exclusive news section of the website almost 24 hours after the first broadcast in Arabic, Persian and English languages.

The website also provides its users with various news services, analytic reporting, and political, historical and geographical information.

Many foreign websites and newspapers are currently republishing Al Alam’s reports as a first-hand source of information and news.

Al Alam International News Channel also broadcasts commercial ads 24 hours a day to introduce tourism attractions and cultural and economic capabilities of all regions of Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, in particular.


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